Women Climate Action

Inspire. Mobilise. Act.

The call for action by the Women’s Forum

  The Women’s Forum launched an offensive action to raise awareness about the need to integrate the issue of gender into climate policies. Signed by institutional partners (C40, OECD,  UNFCCC), … Continue reading

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Interview with Hindou OUMAROU IBRAHIM, Environmental activist and Founder of the Association of Indigenous Women and Peoples of Chad

Interview by Sandra Laquelle, Women Climate Action Hindou OUMAROU IBRAHIM is an environmental activist and member of the Mbororo community, a pastoral people. Born in Chad, she founded the Association of Indigenous … Continue reading

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Making it Count: Accountability in Climate Finance (June 12th 2019, Washington DC)

Join a lively discussion with civil society actors from Uganda and the Philippines to learn how they are advancing effective, equitable adaptation finance systems to build resilience in a changing … Continue reading

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The challenge for women of accessing climate finance

The engagement and participation of grassroots women, women’s organizations and gender experts in climate finance processes—from design to decision-making, implementation to monitoring— remains limited. This factsheet by WEDO (Women’s  Environment … Continue reading

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Watch the video : Gender into Urban Climate Change Initiative

The team of the Gender into Urban Climate Change Initiative (GUCCI) has produced a short explanatory video to give an introduction to the linkages between climate change and gender in … Continue reading

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Report on Gender Equality and Climate Change (EIGE)

An interesting and detailed report about the correlation between gender and carbon print, published by the European Institute for Gender Equality. You will find here plenty of useful data … … Continue reading

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The Women 7 : for a feminist diplomacy to promote gender equality and climate justice

Hosted by France, the G7 will focus this year on the issue of inequalities. The meeting of the Heads of State of the seven most “powerful” states (and some other … Continue reading

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Interview with Chukwudi ANYANASO, Executive Director of the People and the Planet life foundation

Interview by Sandra Laquelle, Women Climate Action Chukwudi ANYANASO is Director at the People and the Planet life foundation. Created in 2012, this NGO is committed to the empowerment of … Continue reading

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Entretien avec Anne GIRAULT, Directrice de l’Agence Parisienne du Climat

  Entretien réalisé par Sandra Laquelle, Women Climate Action Depuis 2010, Anne Girault est Directrice de l’Agence parisienne du climat (APC), agence qui accompagne les particuliers et les professionnels dans … Continue reading

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Individualisme et révolution écologique : vers une nouvelle politique du bien commun ?

Pourquoi la révolution écologique n’a-t-elle pas déjà eu lieu ? Après tout, l’environnement est un bien commun que nous chérissons. La nature nous procure du bonheur, du bien-être, elle est précieuse … Continue reading

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