Women Climate Action

Inspire. Mobilise. Act.

The Women 7 : for a feminist diplomacy to promote gender equality and climate justice

Hosted by France, the G7 will focus this year on the issue of inequalities. The meeting of the Heads of State of the seven most “powerful” states (and some other partner countries, including in Sahel) will take place in August in Biarritz. Since the G7 presidency by Canada in 2019, civil society organizations, incuding feminist organizations, are mobilized through the Group “Women 7” (W7). The objective of W7 is to ensure that concrete commitments to promote gender equality will be made throughout the G7 process.

If the international community seems to be more aware than ever of the perverse effects of climate change on economic and social inequalities, it remains to be seen how far the group of rich countries will adress this issue. Although the G7 countries only amounts to about 10% of the global population, the political courage of their leaders is a decisive signal for the whole planet.

Organized in parallel of the G7 meetings, the event of the W7 will take place on May 9th and 10th in the headquarters of UNESCO in Paris.

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